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Experts in: Social inequality

Batal, Malek

BATAL, Malek

Professeur titulaire, Professeur accrédité

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Godard, Béatrice

GODARD, Béatrice

Vice-doyenne, Secrétaire de faculté, Professeure titulaire

Béatrice Godard has been interested in the socio-ethical issues of research and interventions in population health for several years. She has worked with researchers and health professionals on developing skills in ethics to help them pursue their research interests or their interventions in the health field. She has also worked with vulnerable individuals and groups (people with brain disorders, underprivileged populations, emerging populations) on the development of decision-making capabilities. More specifically, her research aims to examine (1) their concerns and needs in relation to the vulnerability situation in which they find themselves; and (2) the ethical processes to put in place to contribute to their empowerment. Her research work is centered on an empirical perspective and, to that end, she employs a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.


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