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Rosanne Blanchet


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École de santé publique - Département de médecine sociale et préventive

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Travail 1 : 514 343-6111 #5253


  • Membre – TRANSNUT — Centre collaborateur de l'Organisation mondiale de la santé sur la transition nutritionnelle et le développement/The WHO-Collaborating Centre on Nutrition Changes and Development


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Racial/ethnic inequities in diet quality and health during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada: Trends, experiences and policy solutions Projet de recherche au Canada / 2021 - 2024

Lead researcher : Rosanne Blanchet
Co-researchers : Louise Potvin , Benoît Lamarche , David Hammond , Lana Vanderlee , Dana Olstad , Tanvir Chowdhury , Kim Raine
Funding sources: IRSC/Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada
Grant programs: PVXXXXXX-Subvention de fonctionnement (COVID-19)

Publications Expand all Collapse all

  • Gillies, C., Blanchet, R., Gokiert, R., Farmer, A., Willows, D., Nutrition interventions in First Nation-operated schools in Canada: A targeted grey literature review, Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research, Sous presse
  • Blanchet, R., Willows, N., Johnson, S., Okanagan Nation Salmon Reintroduction Initiatives, Batal, M., Enhancing cultural food security among the Syilx Okanagan adults with the reintroduction of Okanagan Sockeye salmon in the Okanagan. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism Sous presse (Revu par les communautés)
  • Kengneson, C., Blanchet, R., Batal, M., Sanou, D., Giroux, I., Factors influencing feeding practices of Black immigrant mothers of African and Caribbean origin living in Ottawa, Canada, Appetite. 2021 Dec 1;167:105641. https//
  • Blanchet, R., Batal, M., Johnson-Down, L., Johnson, S., Okanagan Nation Salmon Reintroduction Initiatives, Willows, N., An Indigenous Food Sovereignty Initiative is positively associated with well-being and cultural connectedness in a survey of Syilx Okanagan adults in British Columbia, Canada. BMC Public Health 2021. 21, 1405.  Sous presse (Revu par les communautés)
  • Blanchet, R., Willows, N., Johnson, S., Okanagan Nation Salmon Reintroduction Initiatives, Batal, M., Traditional food, health, and diet quality in Syilx Okanagan adults in British Columbia, Canada. Nutrients, 2020 Mar 27;12(4):927. (Revu par les communautés)
  • Blanchet, R., Godrich, S.L., Loewen, O.L., Willows, N., Veugelers, P., Exploring the association between food insecurity and food literacy among school-aged children. Public Health Nutrition. 2020; Apr 2:1-6
  • Gillies, C., Blanchet, R., Gokiert, R., Farmer, A., Thorlakson, J., Hamonic, L., Willows, D., School-based nutrition interventions for Indigenous children in Canada: a scoping review. BMC Public Health. 2020; 20:11.
  • Blanchet, R., Kengenson, C.-C., Bodnaruc, A.M., Gunter, A., Giroux, I., Factors Influencing Parents’ and Children’s Misperception of Children’s Weight Status: A Systematic Review of Current Research. Current Obesity Reports. 2019; 8(4):373-412.
  • Cooper, E. & Blanchet, R., Creative Strength-Based Approaches to Health Promotion: Lessons from Graduate Training Experiences. Health Promotion Practice. 2019; 20:5.
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  • Edwards, N., Chauvin, J., Blanchet, R., Advocating for Improvements to Building Codes to Improve Population Health. Canadian Journal of Public Health. 2019;
  • Turgeon O’Brien, H., Gagné, D., Lauzière, J., Blanchet, R., Vézina, C., Ayotte, P., Temporal trends of legacy and emerging persistent organic pollutants in Inuit preschoolers from Northern Quebec (Canada). International Journal of Environment Health Research. 2019;
  • Blanchet, R. & Edwards, N. A need to improve the assessment of environmental hazards for falls on stairs and in bathrooms: results of a scoping review. BMC Geriatrics. 2018; 18:272.
  • Blanchet, R, Nana, C.P., Sanou D, Batal M, Giroux I. Dietary acculturation among black immigrant families living in Ottawa – A qualitative study. Ecology of Food and Nutrition. 2018; 57(3) : 223-245,
  • Tarraf, D., Sanou, D., Blanchet, R., Nana, C.P., Batal, M., Giroux, I. Prevalence and determinants of food insecurity in migrant Sub-Saharan African and Caribbean households in Ottawa. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care. 2018. 
  • Blanchet R, Sanou D, Batal M, Nana, CP, Giroux I. « Draw and tell »: Dietary acculturation as lived by Black immigrant children residing in Canada. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2017; 49(10):838-846.
  • Beall R, Blanchet R, Attaran A. In which developing countries are patents on essential medicines being filed?. Globalization and Health. 2017; 13:38.
  • Blanchet R, Sanou D, Nana CP, Pauze E, Batal M, Giroux I, Strategies and challenges in recruiting black immigrant mothers for a community-based study on child nutritional health in Ottawa, Canada. Journal of Immigrants and Minority Health 2017;19(2):367-372.
  • Bodnaruc, A.M., Prud’homme D, Blanchet R, Giroux I. Nutritional modulation of endogenous glucagon-like peptide-1 secretion: a review. Nutrition and Metabolism. 2016; 9;13:92. eCollection 2016.
  • Pauzé, E., Batal, M., Philizaire, Y., Koivogui, A., Arcens, B., Foschia, J.P., Blanchet, R., Sanou, D., Determinants of household diet quality in an intervention zone in Grande Anse, Haiti. Food Security. 2016; 8(6): 1123-1134.  
  • Turgeon-O'Brien, H., Blanchet, R., Gagné, D., Lauzière, J., Vézina, C., The impact of adjusting serum ferritin levels for inflammation and using soluble transferrin receptor on the assessment of iron deficiency in a group of preschool-aged Canadian Inuit children from Nunavik. Anemia. 2016 

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