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Experts in: Health services evaluation


Professeur adjoint

My research program focuses on three main areas to address evaluation challenges in the field of health:

1. Documenting Evaluation Innovation:
This area focuses on addressing the lack of empirical data on the effectiveness of emerging evaluation methods, such as realistic evaluation or arts-based evaluation. It aims to provide practical recommendations for the application of these methods to assist analysts and managers in choosing the most suitable approaches for their specific needs.

2. Understanding Sector-Specific Evaluation Capacities:
In this area, we explore evaluation capacities within specific sectors, such as aging or LGBTQ+ health, taking into account interactions between organizations. The goal is to develop a comprehensive understanding of these capacities to better address the unique evaluation needs of each sector.

3. Strengthening Evaluation Structures and Policies:
Building on the insights from the second area, this part investigates strategies to enhance the adoption and sustainability of evaluation practices within health organizations. It also explores the potential of artificial intelligence as a facilitative tool while carefully considering its ethical boundaries and implications.


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ZAROWSKY, Christina

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